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Complying with laws, regulations and standards, whether internal or external, is not always an easy task to be managed. Therefore, when it comes to observing legal aspects or the absence of legal aspects, the first department to be remembered is the legal. Therefore, adjusting the processes, so that, they do not deviate from these rules is a relevant aspect, cost calculated and that has been gaining the trust of a large part of the Regulated Sector, either for preparation and implementation of compliance programs or for process improvement and adequacy already existing. However, such actions require caution and constant monitoring in order to avoid problems arising from unforeseen or uncalculated operational risks. Therefore, identifying unwanted or compromising processes that could compromise the client’s corporate integrity and / or jeopardize their governance is a measure that should not be ignored. In this sense, we support our clients in the development of operational strategies to identify unwanted conduct, as a strict, energetic and safe preventive measure, in order to isolate and remedy them. Thus, our support involves in addition to consulting services for legal advice:

Advice and guidance for interpretation of Brazilian legislation to combat fraud and corruption;

Assistance in the preparation and implementation of Compliance Policies through the elaboration of ethical code of conduct, training, dissemination of legal culture and intervention in existing processes;

Support for acts of Investigation and Identification of unwanted conduct or that may violate laws to combat corruption, fraud, and crimes against the economic order;

Advice for representation and defense of clients before the Brazilian authorities;

Advice for examination of internal and external acts;

Advice and guidance for preparing and reviewing documents;

Leniency agreements.

To think compliance, is to think together. It is to disseminate an ethical culture of preventive actions for protection against actions or omissions that may weaken processes and directly reflect on the integrity of the partners, direc tors and the company.

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