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Welcome to Cassab Law

We are a boutique lar firm focused on business and with a multidisciplinary approach with more than 15 years of experience, recognized for creating important precedents with the Regulated Health Sector.

We collaborate with companies subject to the Health Surveillance Regime, to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, as well as Consulting firms specialized in Regulatory Affairs, creating strategic control solutions for projects involving the regularization of companies and products through the integration of important areas of law that, interconnected, provide a high degree of effectiveness and assurance in the processes of legalization, regularization, licensing and certifications for development, acceleration and expansion of projects and businesses.

Our main activities are focused on planning and developing strategies for licensing companies; classification and regularization of products; formalization of commercial acts and operations; process control (compliance/due dligence); challenging acts and decisions; technical analysis of procedures and processes and high complexity litigations to dismiss legal acts.


To be a reference for outstanding solutions with security and sophistication.


To be the best and most admired law firm in the Regulated Health Sector and AgriSciences.


Based on ethics, fight for the Law, but on the day you find conflict between Law and Justice, fight for Justice.

Our Brand

A brand recognized for creating important precedents with the Regulated Sector, in the segments of Human Health, Animal Health, AgriSciences, Environment and Digital Healthcare.

Our Clients

Our clients include small, medium and large companies, from the most diverse segments based in countries in North America, Central America, South America, Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Far East. Companies of diverse cultures and ethnicities that provide us with unique experiences in the interlocution of acts, especially for the dissemination of the legal scenario in the face of the regulatory, competitive and economic adversities of the country.

How We Work

We know deeply the regulatory, competitive and economic adversities that may reflect unwanted and significant losses for those looking to invest in the Brazilian market. For this reason, bringing together important areas of Law, consolidating an integrated and harmonious performance structure, offering innovative multidisciplinary solutions, with high added value, for crisis prevention and containment. This is our differential of relevant prominence for those looking to act within the Regulated Sector of Health and AgriSciences.

São Paulo

Avenida Dr. Chucri Zaidan . 296

23º andar - Cjto. 231 . Torre Z

Vila Cordeiro - CEP 04583-110

T/Phone + 55 (11) 3376-6343