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Intellectual Property

As an element of great relevance, Intellectual Property, besides assigning security to operations, reveals as a decisive factor in the introduction and maintenance of new businesses in the regulated market.

For this reason, Cassab Law firm expanded its knowledge structure in order to create solutions and mitigate risks through:

Legal advisory for trademarks, patents, domains, copyrights, industrial designs, technology contracts, unfair competition, and other rights inherent to Intellectual Property;

Performance in the preparation of documents, consultations, and elaboration of market strategy;

Negotiation and registration of contracts involving license and assignment of Intellectual Property rights;

Protection of the Business Secret through elaboration of non-disclosure agreements;

Transfer of technology, provision of technical services and franchise;

Analysis of practices of unfair competition and administrative and judicial support;

Judicial and extrajudicial defense of Intellectual Property rights;

Complete advisory and follow-up of administrative measures and civil or criminal measures regarding infringements of intellectual property rights, such as counterfeiting, piracy and plagiarism;

Registration at INPI;

Contracts of know-how and of license and transfer of technology and use of software;

License agreements for use of trademark and franchise;

Research, Development, and Innovation Contracts of private companies in partnership with Research Institutes and Universities.

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