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The Right to Health

Considered one of the areas of law of greater complexity, the Right to Health is a basic right of the citizen protected by the Federal Constitution. Its guidelines follow the guiding principles of the Unified Health System (SUS) aimed at the decentralization of health services, whether public or private.

The defense of the citizen rights facing such a complex system requires knowledge, experience, a high degree of commitment and agility. Therefore, our lawyers, specialized in Health Law, are in constant evolution on the most varied subjects, offering, thus, a specialized service structure in order to assure our clients the inherent right to health, life and human dignity. Therefore, our activities, in relation to the Right to Health, involve:

Readjustment of health plans (individuals and entities);

Problems with health plans (individuals and entities);

Procedures denial and surgery;

Medical error;

Grace period and preexisting disease;


Category change;




Termination of Contracts;


Right to Surgeries / Home Care / Medications / Treatments;

Indemnification and Compensation of Damages.

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